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Teagasc Distance Education Green Cert Programme

(for Award Holders)


"Saturday Option" course commencing March 2024 (information pack and timetable available early 2024) online applications open January 2024

  • Attend college one Saturday a month for 16 months 

  • Online content one evening per week

  • Available to holders of a Level 6 or Higher Major Award Holders ONLY

  • Course fee  €3,500

  • If you miss an exam or assignment submission date you must wait for the repeat dates

  • If you don’t successfully complete either the level 5 or level 6 portion of your course you must wait for a later group to complete this award. We cannot facilitate individual repeats at any stage. Any additional repeats outside of the timetable incur a cost of €100 per module.

  • If you are 23 years or older and don't have a level 6 or higher major award email [email protected] to enquire about our "Part-Time Green Cert" option.





  • We cannot facilitate group or timeslot swaps at any stage of the course. 


Online content delivery one evening per week and will continue for the entire duration of the course.

These sessions will consist of one of the following:

  • Tutorials (up to 1 hour duration maximum, these will be pre-recorded and available to you for viewing in your own time)
  • Guest Speaker from the Agricultural Industry (this is a live event)



Email your queries to: [email protected] or call us on 061393100

Fee Payment options:



The "Green Cert" trained farmer status qualification comprises two awards: Level 5 Certificate in Agriculture and, Level 6 Specific Purpose Certificate in Farming.  Your application includes both awards.

Applicants should note there is a delay following completion of your course and awarding of certificates.

For each of these awards a number of quality assurance processes and procedures must be completed by us and Teagasc. Courses must be internally and externally verified, results approval and sign off, details exported to QQI for certification.

This process takes a minimum of six months. 


Sample of Course Content:

Level 5 Certificate in Agriculture:

  • Farm Business and Technology (5N20377)

  • Farm Safety and Farm Assurance (5N20371)

  • Work Practice (5N1433_CIA5)

  • Soils and the Environment (5N20374)

  • Beef Husbandry (5N20388)

  • Sheep Husbandry (5N20385)

  • Dairy Husbandry (5N20396)

  • Principles of Agriculture (5N20368)

  • Start Your Own Business (5N1418)

  • Organic Farming Principles (5N20423)

  • Safe Use of Pesticide Products (5N20380)

  • Grass Production (5N20399)

  • All Terrain Vehicles (5N1752)

Level 6 Specific Purpose Certificate in Farming:

  • Applied Livestock Breeding (6N3525)

  • Grassland Management (6N20472)

  • Farm Performance Measurement (6N3005)

  • Work Practice (6N1947)

  • Sustainable Farming in the Environment (6N20463)

  • Farm Management and Business Management (6N20462)